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What can be more devastating than to have a vision, but
no funds to make it a reality?
 That is why it is important to
know someone who will devote special time and effort for the
needs of each individual client.  Rising Bird Inc is a financial
consulting firm established to help new and existing businesses
find funds for expansion, acquisition, and operations.  From
services industries to high-tech and real estate, we take a
creative approach to find strategies, partners and funding to help
clients reach their financial goals.
Such commitments to helping others are rarely found today.  
Our relationship with our clients is different from what you may
expect.  Seeking a financial consultant that provides full
dedication can be stressful.  We promise to work with our best
efforts, leveraging our knowledge and experience, to provide
excellent service to you.  It may be difficult to find anyone who
cares more about their client's success.
Rising Bird Inc is committed to provide each and every
client the maximum attention and support!
Business Financial Solutions

Press Releases

September 14, 2013
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$1,250,000 Credit Facility
for EU Montage USA

February 16, 2012
Rising Bird, Inc. Secures
$7.75 Million Credit
Facility for Butler-Johnson

July 28, 2011
Icon Media Holdings, Inc.
Announces Working
Capital Facility

December 4, 2008
$1.25MIL Line of Credit for
L5 Performance Systems
Inc Arranged by Rising
Bird Inc.

October 16, 2005
Rising Bird, Inc.
Successfully Secures
Funding for Stone in the
Surf Press
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